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Variable Annuity Credit Suisse Trust - Commodity Return Strategy Portfolio

CS Trust - Commodity Return Strategy Portfolio - Share Class 1

Credit Suisse offers investors an important diversification strategy through convenient, cost-effective access to commodity markets. The capability represents both an experienced track record and a strong organizational commitment to developing, growing and distributing commodity strategies.

Fund Managers
Christopher Burton
Managing Director

Scott Ikuss
Portfolio Manager

Credit Suisse offers investors an important diversification strategy through convenient, cost-effective access to commodity markets. The capability represents both an experienced track record and a strong organizational commitment to developing, growing and distributing commodity strategies.

Fund Details

Credit Suisse Trust - Commodity Return Strategy Portfolio

Advisor Credit Suisse Asset Management, LLC
Custodian State Street Bank & Trust Company
Inception Date 02-28-2006
Fund Domicile United States
Fund Structure Open Ended Investment Company
Fund Strategy Commodities Broad Basket

Share Class

Credit Suisse Trust - Commodity Return Strategy Portfolio - Share Class 1

Ticker CCRSX
CUSIP 22544K888
Currency USD
Gross Expense Ratio¹ 1.05 %
Net Expense Ratio¹ 1.05 %
Max initial sales charge 0.00 %
¹) Credit Suisse Trust (the “Trust”) and Credit Suisse Asset Management, LLC (“Credit Suisse”) have entered into a written contract limiting operating expenses to 1.05% for Class 1 shares and 0.78% for Class 2 shares of the portfolio’s average daily net assets at least through May 1, 2023. This limit excludes certain expenses, including interest charges on fund borrowings, taxes, brokerage commissions, dealer spreads and other transaction charges, expenditures that are capitalized in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, acquired fund fees and expenses, short sale dividends, and extraordinary expenses (e.g., litigation and indemnification and any other costs and expenses that may be approved by the Trust’s board of trustees (the “Board of Trustees”)). The Trust is authorized to reimburse Credit Suisse for management fees previously limited and/or for expenses previously paid by Credit Suisse provided, however, that any reimbursements must be paid at a date not more than thirty-six months following the applicable month during which such fees were limited or expenses were reimbursed by Credit Suisse and the reimbursements do not cause the portfolio to exceed the applicable expense limitation in the contract at the time the fees are recouped. This contract may not be terminated before May 1, 2023.

Daily Prices

NAV 17.25
Net Assets $ 26,658,782
Outstanding Shares 1,545,731
Previous NAV 17.41
NAV change -0.16
NAV change in % -0.92%
Last Update: 02-23-2024

The performance data quoted represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate so that an investors shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost; and that current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and since inception performance is annualized.

Monthly Performance Update as of 01-31-2024 No Load

Period (show all share classes)
YTD 0.51% 0.56%
1-Month 0.51% 0.56%
3-Months (3.79)% (3.72)%
6-Months (5.53)% (5.40)%
1-Year (8.01)% (7.74)%
3-Years 9.92% 10.18%
5-Years 6.20% -
10-Years (1.10)% -
Since-Inception 02-28-2006 (1.33)% 16.25%
Last Update: 01-31-2024

Quarterly Performance Update as of 12-31-2023 No Load

Period (show all share classes)
1-Year (9.12)% (8.90)%
3-Years 10.49% 10.84%
5-Years 7.23% -
10-Years (1.21)% -
Since-Inception 02-28-2006 (1.36)% 16.48%
Last Update: 12-31-2023

This fund is non-diversified, which means it may invest a greater proportion of its assets in the securities of a smaller number of issuers than a diversified fund and may therefore be subject to greater volatility. Exposure to commodity markets should only form a small part of a diversified portfolio. Investment in commodity markets may not be suitable for all investors. The fund's investment in commodity-linked derivative instruments may subject the fund to greater volatility than investment in traditional securities.

The fund offers investors easy access to the broad commodity markets, currently by investing in a combination of commodity-linked structured notes and swaps. The fund has obtained a private letter ruling from the IRS confirming that the income produced by certain types of structured notes constitutes "qualifying income" under the IRS Code of 1986, as amended.

Shares of Portfolios of the Credit Suisse Trust are not available directly to individual investors but may be offered only to certain (i) life insurance companies ("Participating Insurance Companies") for allocation to certain of their separate accounts established for the purpose of funding variable annuity contracts and variable life insurance contracts (together, "Variable Contracts") and (ii) tax-qualified pension and retirement plans ("Plans") including participant-directed Plans which elect to make a Portfolio an investment option for Plan participants. A Portfolio may not be available in every state due to various insurance regulations. Refer to information materials about the Variable Contracts and Plans for a discussion of their features, risks, fees and charges. Expenses do not reflect additional charges and expenses which are, or may be, imposed under the Variable Contracts or Plans; such charges and expenses are described in the prospectus of the insurance company separate account or in the Plan documents or other informational materials supplied by Plan sponsors. The Portfolio's expenses should be considered with these charges and expenses in evaluating the overall cost of investing in the separate account. Shares of a Portfolio of the Trust are not offered through any variable annuity or variable life insurance policy offered by Credit Suisse or any affiliate.

The fund is designed to achieve positive total return relative to the performance of the Bloomberg Commodity Index Total Return (BCOM Index).

The fund invests in commodity-linked derivative instruments, such as commodity-linked notes, that provide exposure to the investment returns of the commodities markets without investing directly in physical commodities.

The fund also intends to gain exposure to commodities markets by investing in the Subsidiary, which in turn invests in commodity-linked swap agreements and other commodity-linked derivative instruments, and by investing directly in commodity-linked structured notes. These investments will be linked to the BCOM Index, other commodity indices or the value of a particular commodity or commodity futures contract or subset of commodities or commodity futures contracts.